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Lotto Payload is a lottery system subscription service for online lottery analysis software and does not work as advertised. Is the Lotto Payload system any better or anything special, as they claim it is not hard to win the lottery through their lottery software service? No sorry, this lottery software system is no different than many other lottery software subscription services and the results are similar, No Winners! Yes, there are some good reviews on the Lotto Payload system, but if you take a closer look they are all by affiliates selling the system for commission. You cannot trust these kind of good reviews, they are totally fake! We have been notified by real users of this service it is all just hype, they used it and won nothing at all.

Lotto Payload says their software system is unique and sophisticated, while this may certainly be true, it does not mean you will win anything, it just means the software working correctly, but the results are still poor. There are free lottery software analysis systems that do just as good as these non free systems. You also can go to an official lottery statistic website for whatever lotto game you are  playing and obtain the same information/analysis that Lotto Payload supplies and 99% of all other lottery software systems supply. There is no need to pay for something you can get free yourself. Also do not expect these lotto software systems as Lotto Payload to give you the results they claim, as these types of systems whether it be purchased at a cost, free, or from a lottery statistic site will only improve your win rates on average of about 2% at best.

Lottery software analysis type systems are literally everywhere, so do not be fooled by the hype these systems claim, these systems are just basically money-making gimmicks, they do not win lotteries like they claim. The Lotto Payload system and many others like it are sold through ClickBank, which is where most of the silly or highly useless lotto systems are sold through and the 60 day money back refund is usually NOT HONORED so be aware of this (many complaints by purchasers).

For those of you that are looking for good solid reputable lottery systems, that actually are known for winning lottery games, here is the two most highly recommended systems the Lotto Guy Lottery System and a highly sought after wheeling system called Smart Play Lotto Wheels. Both systems are legit, both systems are tested and proven systems that give users good to very good results. Both of these superior systems have won lotteries world-wide for many lottery players and are very highly recommended by serious lottery players, top review sites etc. Both systems have no affiliates that can sell them, which also tells you they are top notch systems that really work, not gimmicks!

When new lotto systems pop up as Lotto Payload we will always check them out and report our findings to you, so you do not waste your time and money on silly nonsense systems only meant to make the seller money and not YOU!

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2 thoughts on “Lotto Payload System Review

  1. Your review on the Lotto payload System is correct, it is useless at winning. I gave it a try and I may as well just have thrown my money out my truck window and said good bye! I will give one of the systems recommended by you a whirl and see what I can win.
    Good review by the way!!

  2. No winners with this Lotto Payload crap system, all misleading as all other systems sold through click bank. Only the affiliates as you say are making money, the system it’s self wins nothing!
    As far as I can tell almost all reviews are by affiliates selling the system and they lie about how good it works, this is illegal and I am reporting this to the FTC

    I see the systems you recommend are not sold though click bank and have no affiliates. I will trust you and try these systems as even the review sites say they are good systems.

    Jack T

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