Lotto Black Book Review Truth Exposed!

Find out the real truth about the Lotto Black Book lottery system before you make your decision to use it or not. The Lotto Black Book is said to be developed by a Math Professor and a three time lottery jackpot Winner Larry Blair, which I am sorry to inform you is definitely NOT TRUE! The Lotto Black Book has been exposed for what it really is, a silly system full of nonsense and false advertising. It is a phony system using a silly scenario about an Oklahoma Math Professor that gets shot in the leg after winning the lottery three times for his secret Lotto Black Book Formula? This is a huge pile of nonsense! There was no Professor Larry Blair who was shot in the leg and the phony Larry Blair did not win the lottery three times. Larry Blair Math Professor does not even exist, all phony!

The Lotto Black Book now has two sales pages, both are full of false advertising to draw you in and grab your money and the chances of getting a full refund are very slim. Larry Blair is nothing more than a marketer using this false name to sell a bogus and quite useless lottery system. Yes we see photo’s of Larry Blair holding up winning lottery cheques on the first sales page, only this is not a person named Larry Blair, it really is Michael Anderson. The winning lottery photo was used without any permission and the face and name was blocked out on the sales page, which is a clear sign something is definitely wrong. There are also other sites that shows you the fake photos and so on all broken down, so you can see the evidence first hand the system is not for real.

Michael Anderson NOT Larry Blair

Michael Anderson NOT Larry Blair

What are you getting when you buy the Lotto Black Book system? You are getting a download of basic common strategies and tips taken right of the Internet for free and sold to you as a system developed by Professor Larry Blair. There is a reason all of these tips and strategies are free online, they do not work! Will the Lotto Black Book help you win the lottery NO ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Every single lottery system review site says to avoid this bogus system, as many people have now reported it as a very poor non-winning system for years. See a few reviews sites below:

The bogus marketer who is behind this Lotto Black Book System sells out of Click Bank, which is a known selling place for Marketers, as they can get affiliates to sell their systems, as they win no lottery games. Real verified winning lottery systems such as the Lotto Guy Lottery System do not sell through places such as ClickBank, as they really win lottery games. The Lotto Black Book System has been tested by many people and reported as a totally useless system, just hyped-up to fool you. You will see many so-called great reviews on the Lottery Black Book System as some 30,000 affiliates are selling this system and writing false Reviews to grab commission sales, so be warned and pass it on to others.

Questions Asked About The Lotto Black Book

  1. Did Larry Blair actually win three lottery jackpots using the Lotto Black Book System? No! He did not win any lottery jackpot at all and that is why there is no proof shown.
  2. Will I win the lottery using the Lotto Black Book System? It is not very likely you will win any lottery game using this very poor system.
  3. If I do not like the Lotto Black Book System can I get a refund? You might get a refund, but many people have reported they did not get a refund, so it’s not likely.

If this Lotto Black Book System actually worked as claimed we would report it to you, but the truth is the system is only designed to make money from sales from people who do not know any better, now at least you know the real truth!

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