Lottery Software Systems Just Another Fraud

Did you know that lottery software systems are just another fraud used to scoop your money? Yes, it’s true! Lottery software systems are popping up everywhere, as these types of systems take the past lottery draw result,s or your Hot and Cold lottery numbers off the Internet and for a price give them to you! The bad part of these so-called systems, which are really not systems at all, is they all mislead you, by stating bogus win rates etc. These lotto software systems just give general information that is free for all right off the Internet.

Have you been suckered by a few of these silly very misleading lottery software programs? Here are a few of these systems listed below to avoid, they will not work ads advertised and most certainly will not win the lottery.

  • Lottery Circle Software System
  • Lottery Crusher Software
  • Lotto Payload Software
  • Win Lotto Systems
  • Formula 1 Lotto Software
  • Lottery Audit Software
  • Lottery Slayer Software
  • Lottery Winning Formula

These are only a few systems that have been reported to be useless and have no real lottery winners. All of these systems make big ridiculous claims to win the lottery, but simply are totally false winning systems.

To win the lotto, you do need to use a winning lottery system, as it is the best proven tool to use to increase your odds to win, the hard part is finding real reputable winning systems. This is where I can point you in the right direction and give you sound advice!

  1. Never purchase a lottery system if it has affiliates selling it, such as systems sold through click bank etc. These will not be real winning systems, just gimmick systems to make the seller money not you!
  2. Only use lottery systems that are NOT lottery software past drawn results systems, these win not much more than quick pick lottery tickets or random lottery numbers.
  3. Use ONLY Tested and Proven verified winning systems that real lottery winners use and recommend. The two best winning systems known are Lotto Guy Lottery System and a top rated lottery wheeling system Smart Play Lotto Wheels. See the latest poll results for best winning systems that give real winning lottery results below:
2013 Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results

Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results

Take a look on how each of these lotto systems placed and you will see the very hyped-up systems as Lotto Black Book, Lottery Circle Software, Silver Lotto System, Formula 1 Lotto Software and so an all failed, there are NO real lottery winners using these false systems. This information is like solid gold, as it saves you time and money when looking for good systems to use. You can thank us by posting this article on your Blog or Website as to allow others access to this valuable lottery news.

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Lotto Payload System Review

Lotto Payload is a lottery system subscription service for online lottery analysis software and does not work as advertised. Is the Lotto Payload system any better or anything special, as they claim it is not hard to win the lottery through their lottery software service? No sorry, this lottery software system is no different than many other lottery software subscription services and the results are similar, No Winners! Yes, there are some good reviews on the Lotto Payload system, but if you take a closer look they are all by affiliates selling the system for commission. You cannot trust these kind of good reviews, they are totally fake! We have been notified by real users of this service it is all just hype, they used it and won nothing at all.

Lotto Payload says their software system is unique and sophisticated, while this may certainly be true, it does not mean you will win anything, it just means the software working correctly, but the results are still poor. There are free lottery software analysis systems that do just as good as these non free systems. You also can go to an official lottery statistic website for whatever lotto game you are  playing and obtain the same information/analysis that Lotto Payload supplies and 99% of all other lottery software systems supply. There is no need to pay for something you can get free yourself. Also do not expect these lotto software systems as Lotto Payload to give you the results they claim, as these types of systems whether it be purchased at a cost, free, or from a lottery statistic site will only improve your win rates on average of about 2% at best.

Lottery software analysis type systems are literally everywhere, so do not be fooled by the hype these systems claim, these systems are just basically money-making gimmicks, they do not win lotteries like they claim. The Lotto Payload system and many others like it are sold through ClickBank, which is where most of the silly or highly useless lotto systems are sold through and the 60 day money back refund is usually NOT HONORED so be aware of this (many complaints by purchasers).

For those of you that are looking for good solid reputable lottery systems, that actually are known for winning lottery games, here is the two most highly recommended systems the Lotto Guy Lottery System and a highly sought after wheeling system called Smart Play Lotto Wheels. Both systems are legit, both systems are tested and proven systems that give users good to very good results. Both of these superior systems have won lotteries world-wide for many lottery players and are very highly recommended by serious lottery players, top review sites etc. Both systems have no affiliates that can sell them, which also tells you they are top notch systems that really work, not gimmicks!

When new lotto systems pop up as Lotto Payload we will always check them out and report our findings to you, so you do not waste your time and money on silly nonsense systems only meant to make the seller money and not YOU!

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