Win The Lottery By Opening Your Mindset

To win the lottery try to open your mindset, this to establish a set of total positive attitude that you are going to win the lottery. The next thing is you will need to use is a serious strategy to boost your success rate at actually hitting winning lottery numbers easier. You do want to win the lottery, so what are you actually doing to make this happen? Are you just grabbing a few lotto quick picks? Are you using just random lottery numbers? Are you using your horoscope numbers, or your so called lottery numbers and so on? Or, are you using a set strategy to push your chances to win much higher than ever before? and if not, well, you really should be using one.

If you really want something bad enough, you will not just accept any old outcome, no you want it for sure, well you have to actually stop being lazy and play the lottery with an open mindset and you must play much smarter, that is your key to better success. Unless you adopt this critical mindset and carry out playing the lottery in this method, you will continue to have the same general outcome over and over again, meaning never hitting any winning lottery numbers. Learning to better your odds to hit winning lottery numbers is and must be based on some basic competences, and these must include an entrepreneurial ability or focused mindset along with proven lottery winning strategy, that is the real key to win the lottery and must be followed. This for most people is the most difficult aspect, because it will entail a very radical change of mindset, behaviour and strategy in the never ending thirst for profit, in this case winning the lottery!

Now, if you are ready to try a much smarter method to try and hit those winning lottery numbers, this is what is needed. First off, you will absolutely have to play more than one lottery ticket per lotto draw. The more lottery tickets you play, the better your odds are to win, that is a no brainer. Of course just playing any old random lottery numbers will not do the trick, you will need to use and apply a proven lottery winning method, or what is also called a lottery system. There are many lottery systems, most are sorry to say garbage and will not help you any better than playing quick picks or random lottery numbers. We will suggest you use one of the top winning lottery systems and just stick with that system. No system can guarantee you will win, but the good systems will definitely improve your odds to win much easier. There is simply no other tool or lottery winning method that can improve your success rate at hitting winning lottery numbers better than a proven winning lottery system.

The first system we highly recommend is the very unique Lotto Guy Lottery System and the second system we recommend is a wheeling system called Smart Play Lotto Wheels. These are two very different types of systems, one is a wheeling system and the other a special formula type system, both are designed to better your chances to win the lottery easier. Of course it is totally up you as to which lottery system to, we can only direct you to the one we know work good. The main thing is to use a good system, keep an open mindset and stay focused, then your luck will change for the better.

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The Science Of Winning The Lottery

Is there really a science to Winning The Lottery or is it just good old fashion luck? Well, the real answer to that question is yes, there actually is a science to trying to win the lottery. Also, a part of trying to win the lottery is also luck. You really need some of both to succeed. Science which basically would be using a method or strategy that allows you increase your chances to win easier, really does play a big part and along with that you will need a little luck, this is basically a good rule for all kinds of gambling.

The true fact is most lottery players only rely on pure luck, which is why most lottery players will never even hit a smaller winning cash prize. Oh sure you may hit a 3 number winner once in a while, but if you used some science as in a good lottery system, which is the only strategy that can help improve those odds,  then you just increased your odds to hit Winning Lottery Numbers that much easier. Using a good lottery system is the only science you can really apply for bettering your odds at winning the lottery, there simply is nothing else you can use. To make anything happen worthwhile, you must usually put a little effort into it. No effort usually means no reward, just remember that the next time you want to increase your success at hitting those winning lottery numbers.

These days all lottery jackpots seem to be getting larger, this is because more and more people are starting to play the lottery hoping to win it and change their lives for the better and all it really takes is one winning lottery ticket to make it a reality. When it is all said and done, you yourself know you are going to play the lottery no matter what, so you may as well change the way you play to a smarter method, and the time to start is now not later. To help you find a better Lottery Winning Strategy we have put a few links below that will point you in the right direction. Always use a good Lottery Winning Strategy AKA a Lottery System the first time around, jumping from system to system will only waste your time and money. No lottery system can guarantee you will win, they can only assist you greatly in bettering your odds to win the lottery, so be patient and stick with it.

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Lottery Strategy That Really Wins The Lottery Easier

Most people play the lottery but sadly, most do not know how to win the lottery easier, it takes real lottery strategy to win easier. Lottery players break down into these groups. About ninety percent of all lottery players use lottery quick picks or random lottery numbers. Then we have about six percent that use silly methods as lucky lottery numbers, birth-dates, horoscope numbers and so forth. Then the smallest group of lottery players which is about only four percent using a real strategy or what is called a lottery system, which is why this group has the best winning success rate, it’s no coincidence.

Playing the lottery is a gamble, but a good gamble compared to other forms of gambling. Even if you lose, your money spent on lottery tickets actually goes to good use in the way of charities. Of course we all want to win the lottery or at least hit smaller winnings but more often, which is hard to do if you do not play in a smarter fashion. You can seriously improve your win rate, all that is needed is to use a well proven winning lottery system, it’s now a proven fact.

We hear people saying that playing the lottery is a waste of time, well to these people maybe it is as they have never won anything do to never playing in a smarter way. If they simply used a good reputable winning lottery strategy (Lottery System) winning would be easier and more often, it’s just fact! So you see, you need to decide for yourself what’s right for you. Common sense tells us that you are going to play the lottery no matter what, so why not use a better lottery strategy, it’s not going to hurt you, just help you win lotto much easier.

If you are now ready to step up and start playing the lottery to win, then you are going to need to use a real tested proven winning lottery system. We could explain and go through every single system, but that would take lots of time, so we will just recommend the better winning systems and even show real proof. Polls are real proof, as they show what real people voted on, in this case the best winning lottery system or systems. See the poll results below then make your choice of which system to use which will open new doors for lottery winning success!

2013 Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results

Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results

The best lottery systems are going to give the best over-all results, so the two best winning systems that are very highly recommended are as follows:

  1. Lotto Guy Lottery System – which is a number pattern analysis system and has a very good winning reputation.
  2. Smart Play Lotto Wheels – which is a lottery wheeling system designed to be easy to use yet very effective at giving results.

Both of these lottery systems will help you win the lottery easier and can even be used together to push up your win rates even more so. Just to inform you, most lottery systems that are sold now are number frequency type systems, these are very plentiful, but simply the worst type of lottery strategy producing little to no winning results. The choice is yours! Just remember that winning the lottery is something every person is trying to do, by using a good strategy you will improve your success rate over people who do not use a lottery strategy, again just solid fact!


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Lottery Software Systems Just Another Fraud

Did you know that lottery software systems are just another fraud used to scoop your money? Yes, it’s true! Lottery software systems are popping up everywhere, as these types of systems take the past lottery draw result,s or your Hot and Cold lottery numbers off the Internet and for a price give them to you! The bad part of these so-called systems, which are really not systems at all, is they all mislead you, by stating bogus win rates etc. These lotto software systems just give general information that is free for all right off the Internet.

Have you been suckered by a few of these silly very misleading lottery software programs? Here are a few of these systems listed below to avoid, they will not work ads advertised and most certainly will not win the lottery.

  • Lottery Circle Software System
  • Lottery Crusher Software
  • Lotto Payload Software
  • Win Lotto Systems
  • Formula 1 Lotto Software
  • Lottery Audit Software
  • Lottery Slayer Software
  • Lottery Winning Formula

These are only a few systems that have been reported to be useless and have no real lottery winners. All of these systems make big ridiculous claims to win the lottery, but simply are totally false winning systems.

To win the lotto, you do need to use a winning lottery system, as it is the best proven tool to use to increase your odds to win, the hard part is finding real reputable winning systems. This is where I can point you in the right direction and give you sound advice!

  1. Never purchase a lottery system if it has affiliates selling it, such as systems sold through click bank etc. These will not be real winning systems, just gimmick systems to make the seller money not you!
  2. Only use lottery systems that are NOT lottery software past drawn results systems, these win not much more than quick pick lottery tickets or random lottery numbers.
  3. Use ONLY Tested and Proven verified winning systems that real lottery winners use and recommend. The two best winning systems known are Lotto Guy Lottery System and a top rated lottery wheeling system Smart Play Lotto Wheels. See the latest poll results for best winning systems that give real winning lottery results below:
2013 Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results

Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results

Take a look on how each of these lotto systems placed and you will see the very hyped-up systems as Lotto Black Book, Lottery Circle Software, Silver Lotto System, Formula 1 Lotto Software and so an all failed, there are NO real lottery winners using these false systems. This information is like solid gold, as it saves you time and money when looking for good systems to use. You can thank us by posting this article on your Blog or Website as to allow others access to this valuable lottery news.

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Lottery Systems That Win Lottery Games!

It’s sad to read posts from people who are not winning lottery and being taken for their money by shady lottery systems that do not win the lottery. We checkout most of the lottery systems that claim big or outrageous win rates to see if they are legit and what we are finding is not very pretty. Most of the lottery systems are in fact lying to you, they are simply money-making gimmicks usually sold through ClickBank and should be avoided as they Do Not Win Lottery Games!

We see that lottery software analysis systems are popping up everywhere, these types of systems are not really systems at all. As a matter of fact all they are useful for is to use with real lottery systems. You do not every need to buy a lottery software system as the exact same lotto number frequency information is all free to anyone, just go to a lottery statistic website for your lottery game and quit being sucked in by shady marketers who sell these silly lottery software systems.

There are honest tested and proven lottery systems that we highly recommend you use for all pick 5 or pick 6 lottery games are the best proven ways to win the lottery. Systems such as the Lotto Guy Lottery System or a top rated lottery wheeling system as Smart Play Lotto Wheels are the best you can get. Both systems have made many people millionaires and have won lottery games the world over. Both systems are not sold by marketers, but by real lottery experts and have outstanding winning lottery success rates.

These systems have won lottery games as Powerball, Cashpot, Megamillion, Lotto max, Lotto 6/49, Georgia Lottery, Texas Lotto, Illinois Lotto, Ohio Lottery, Newyork Lotto, Florida Lotto, California Lottery, Oklahoma Lottery, and many, many more! Always use the best rated systems if you are wanted the best winning lottery number results you can get.

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Fake Lottery Systems Do Not Win The Lottery

Lottery systems most certainly are needed to increase your odds to win lotto, but finding a true reputable system can be tough. Lottery systems are actually easy to find but the ones that truly work to win lottery games are very rare. I will teach you how to avoid the bad systems and teach you how to locate a good lotto system. Never trust lottery systems reviews from any review site pushing you to a lottery software system, as these are the worst systems to use and are only meant for entertainment, they win nothing.

Here are some facts that are usually a good indication whether or not a lottery system is going to be helpful or just some cheap scam or silly nonsense. Let’s cover all the points here:

  • Does the lottery system state a ridiculous win rate? Any lotto system claiming a win rate that sounds to high is a lie! There is no lottery system in the world that can give a win rate higher than 40% and that is a fact! Only systems trying to lure you in will state high ridiculous win rates and is a very clear sign to avoid. About 75% of the systems being sold fall into this category.
  • Is the lottery system offering a Guaranteed 60 Day Refund? Think about this for a second, how can a gambling product offer a refunds like this, they would sell nothing, everyone would get a refund. This is a very common tactic used by shady lottery system sellers. 90% of the time you will not get a refund, do not fall for these misleading sales tactics. Real lottery systems are gambling tools which would never give you a 60 day refund, do you by a lottery ticket and get a 60 day refund? It is the same idea, gambling is just that, gambling No Guareantees.
  • Is the Lottery system a past drawn number system? Also know as a lottery software system, lottery prediction systems, lottery analysis systems etc These are your very common, very basic lotto systems that all just give you hot and cold lottery numbers or just random numbers. These systems all get there information from lottery statistic websites for free!, the exact same as you can do also, so why pay for free material. Most lottery systems fall into this category and really are not even systems, just info you use in a real lottery system.
  • Does the system use a silly, quite common scenario as, system developed by a Math Professor or professor, or a secret lottery code was found, or something like this? Usually 9 out of 10 times this is a selling lie or tactic to draw your attention and is a big rad flag saying BEWARE!

The truth is there are only a few real reputable lottery systems, out of about 50 systems on the market that actually work to win the lottery. We recommend ONLY  two systems that have lottery winning track records the world over and are not stupid made up systems sold by shady Marketers looking for a fast buck. The Lotto Guy Lottery System is a real tested and proven number pattern analysis system, it even won best lottery winning system by actual users poll votes. The next recommended system is a totally different system from the Lotto Guy Lottery System, it is a top rated lottery wheeling system called Smart Play Lotto Wheels. This easy to use and highly effective system is widely known for winning lotto games. These two systems have been tested by many and all have great real lottery winning success rates worldwide! Before trying any system, one of these or both of these systems is your smart choice in trying to win the lottery easier.

Seriously, you could waste thousands trying every lottery system before finding the ones that are actually winning lottery games as, Florida Lotto, Florida Powerball, Powerball, Mega Millions, Texas Lotto, California Lottery, Ohio Lottery, Georgia Lottery, Iowa Lottery, Virginia Lottery, Lotto Max, Lotto 649, South African Lotteries, and so on. Do it right the first time and learn from my mistakes and many others and you will have much better success at winning the lottery!

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Lottery Systems Review Which Systems Win The Lotto

You play the lottery and have used lottery system after lottery systems, you’ve tried them all and still cannot win the lotto. You know the usual lotto systems as The Lotto Black Book, Ace Lee’s Lottery Circle Software, Lotto Master Formula, Formula One Lotto Software, Inverted Lottery System, Ken Silver’s Silver Lotto System, Silver Lotto PRO, Lottery Crusher Software, Lotto Masta etc, but still no winning results right? These are the all same types of lottery systems sold over and over again, just with new hype to make it sound great and shiny. What You need is a real serious lottery system, developed and designed by real techs, and real data analysis software, not by Marketers, Publishers, or Fake Lottery Experts!

Push a button lotto software systems are a dime a dozen and simply do not work at all like they advertise and should be avoided as the free lotto software systems give you exactly the same info as the top software systems, even though it still will only increase your odds a very small 2%, that’s it. Lets move on to lottery wheels.

Lottery wheels are fine if you can find a good one, but the reality is 8 out of 10 times they are totally useless. Lottery systems as the lotto black book, lottery circle Software, Silver Lotto System, formula 1 lotto Software, lotto master formula, lottery dominator, lotto 80 System, lottery method, The  Inverted lottery System, plus many others are exactly one of those types of lotto systems. I know there are many good reviews on these systems, so how can that be? That is easy very easy to answer. Affiliates try to sell the lottery systems to make money from commission sales, they will write good reviews to suck you in. Some people are actually hired to write good reviews, this is called ghost writing and is a very sneaky marketing trick. I have tried some of these systems with No luck whatsoever. I have talked to many others who say the exact same thing, these system are useless and do not work to win any lottery games!

Should we just forget about using a lottery system all together? Absolutely Not! Lottery systems can be very helpful if you can find a good one. The best reputable lottery system you can use with out a doubt, is the Lotto Guy Lottery System. This very unique system is not a lottery wheel, or a push a button software system giving past draws, hot numbers etc . You can get all of that info yourself easily for free! No need to pay for it. The Lotto Guy System is a 3 step system developed and tested by real University techs, and has been Tested and Proven over and over again and will give you superior lotto winning results. No lies, No hype, No silly fake testimonials to trick you, No affiliates selling this system and No ghost writers, just a real good superior lottery system which these days is very, very hard to find. Do not believe the crap on most lottery system sales pages, they are very hyped to the max to suck you in and grab your money, and will never honor their guaranteed refunds, this is just another trick to lure you in. How can a lottery system or gambling product have a guarantee? It cannot! That should be your first clue that the system is bad to begin with.

The lotto guy system is the only lottery system you need, it covers you on most any pick 5, 6, 7 number lottery games worldwide. Yes, it has been proven to work great for the more popular lotto games such as Powerball, Mega Million, Texas lotto, Australian Gold, Monday Lotto, Florida Lotto, Lotto Max, National Lottery, UK Lotto, California Lottery, Fantasy 5, Superlotto Plus, Georgia Lottery, Illinois Lottery, and many, many other games. Get a good lotto system the first time around and save time, money and frustration!

Other lottery systems worth using that have good winning reputations.

Smart Play Lotto Wheels

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Winning Lottery System Reviews The Truth!

When trying to win the lottery games we eventually all realize we need to use a lottery management tool or what is known as a winning lottery system. To play the lottery numbers by using quick pick lottery tickets or just random lotto numbers is really a complete waste of your time and money. Not many people win the lotto by using these kinds of poor lottery tactics. Most lottery winners use a lottery system as it is the only way to increase your lotto odds to win!

The lottery system you choose will make a big difference in the results you will obtain. If you take a look at a recent lottery system poll you will see which system won lottery games for the users and of course received a vote as a good system to use.

2012 Lottery System Poll Results

It is a little hard to see but the winning lottery system and now called the best system in the world is the Lotto Guy Lottery System taking 83% of the winning votes. This was out of 15 so-called top lottery systems, and show solid PROOF! That this Lotto Guy System Kicks Ass! I have talked to lottery winners using this system for australian lotto games, South African lotto games, Canadian lotto games, UK lotto games and almost all United States lotto games, so it really is an excellent system!

If we look at some of the other lottery systems that lost this lottery poll, we now see why as many of theses systems are very poor and do not win lotteries. I know many of them claim they will give you big win rates, but this is all pure lies or hype to sell. We even found so-called very popular systems as the Lotto Black Book to be a scam. The system was not developed by any math professor, just a common lie to suck people in. To avoid scam type or very poor lottery systems never purchase a system if the win rate they guarantee is over 35% as the highest win rate for any legit lottery system in the world is 30% there is no better and that is a proven fact!

You must also beware of any lottery software system that is giving you lotto numbers or lottery number frequencies or hot and cold numbers. These kinds of systems are not really systems and everything they give you is free online at lottery statistic websites. So do not fall for the silly hype about lotto software systems and at best they can only increase your odds to win by about 1%-2% that is it.

Yes, there are many bad systems out there as the Lotto Black Book, Formula 1 Lotto, Lottery Circle Software, Lottery Method, Silver Lotto System, Silver Lotto PRO, Lotto Master Formula, Lottery Dominator, Lottery Crusher, Lotto Masta, Lotto Cash Machine, Lotto Payload, Win Lotto Systems, and many others. If you are not sure go to a reputable Lottery Systems Review Group and see what hey say about each lotto system.

Other lottery system that is well known to help win the lottery Smart Play Lotto Wheels, which is a very easy to use and highly effective wheeling system. Just make sure to use a lottery system it is your only means to improve chances to win easier!